Welcome to My New Blog

1966037_10202681445530300_950321483_oHello & welcome to my new blog! I have been a photo artist for many years now and consider it one of my passions in life. After starting a lifestyle & portrait photography business in 2009 and building a portfolio for several years, life sort of took over, as it sometimes will. With marriage to my wonderful husband and the birth of my son, Maddox, who is now a rambunctious 2 year old, I found myself pretty preoccupied. I put my photography on hold for about a year while I enjoyed time with my new family.

When I started to feel the pull of my camera again and getting the itch to get back out and take beautiful pictures, I decided that with the recent surge in wonderful photographers out there and the ease of access to fabulous editing tools and digital equipment, in order to continue on my path as a portrait photographer, I would have to be able to define my art as distinct from so many others out there. I know I am blessed with a ‘good eye’ and a lot of imagination- but so are many other artists out there! This resulted in me asking myself several questions about where I saw my photography going in the future. Creating beautiful images makes me happy when it comes down to it. I love to give people a reason to smile when they come across a happy face or a reason to relax in the midst of a hectic day by taking pause to study a pretty place.

Ultimately, I have determined that I do not wish to put the pressure of maintaining a typical portrait business on myself for fear that it will overshadow my artwork. I feel that in order to continue to do what I love so much I should give myself the freedom to go on adventures and photograph whatever catches my eye. I am constantly learning new things about my camera which continually improves the quality of my work. Even though I have over 15 years of experience with manipulating photos into works of art both through use of the camera’s different tools and use of digital editing tools, I still consider myself an amateur.  Sometimes I will spend several weeks mastering a certain aspect of photo art such as depth of field, minimalism, monochrome and others. I consider these divergences as ‘studies’ which help me improve my technique. I love to find new ways to see everyday objects or capture a beautiful sight for others to appreciate too. I will still book clients for shoots if we both agree that we are a good fit & I am going to be able to bring their vision to life. Mostly, I am happiest exploring nature and sharing it’s raw beauty with others.

I have (somewhat) maintained a page on Facebook for several years, but I am starting this blog mostly because I feel it will be a better platform to share my life as a photography-loving, adventuring, creative, free-spirited, busy, modern-day, (somewhat overly imaginative,) wife and mom. I plan on posting adventures, ideas & musings as well as photo sessions and necessary business info. with clients. Cheers and hope you enjoy!

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