An Enchanted Beach Engagement :: Chapter 1

Jose and Malena are tying the knot this year on a cruise ship wedding at sea. They set sail at the end of March for their big day! During our consultation prior to the shoot, Malena described their wedding and her style & I immediately suggested the beach as an ideal location to take engagement pictures. This location along Highway 1 is the first of two we used during this session and it is one I scouted last year. One the morning of the shoot, I discovered that my polarizing filter was broken so I did the shoot without it, however I am very pleased with the soft, light feel of the background I was able to capture so perhaps it was for the better! Shooting photographs on the beach in the harsh midday light is tough, but it was a welcome challenge! I went armed with my external flash and adjusted my flash power and exposure on the camera to accommodate the lighting. I love the variation of depth, color and clarity I got by adjusting the amount of fill flash I used.

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