About Me & My Photo Art

I have added an information page to the menu in my blog about what to expect from me when considering and scheduling any type of session. I was initially reluctant to take money for my photography because I was worried about clouding my passion with business, however, I have been getting so many new requests that I feel I needed to lend some insight into how I create my sessions and what is involved above and beyond just the day of the photo shoot. I feel that I have been able to design a business model that will not hinder my creativity and in doing so, I can give people beautiful, highly personalized images that reflect the life event they are celebrating and their personality.

I am an avid shutterbug and love working with people to bring their visions to life. In addition to creating special family photos or other portraits, I am open to any sort of new idea you may have! Try me! I love taking a concept and developing it and I feel that collaborating with my clients is the best way to capture the images we both want. Check out all the information here: About My Sessions. I have divided the page into sub-pages to help you find what you are looking for quickly.

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