Lakeside Engagement

Carlos and Kelsey got engaged last year and asked me to take photos for them this February for their March wedding. Kelsey knew she wanted water in her photos so we spent a long time picking the perfect spot that would give the images the right mood. These two are a fun-loving pair who love candid shots andIMG_7005 wanted to capture a lot of shots of them just being themselves. Their wedding colors are purple, magenta and mint green, so we took that into consideration for both location choice and wardrobe. I made all the props for this one, including painting and choosing colors that will subtly match the wedding decor.

Kelsey’s mother was very ill with cancer for many months and the wedding was planned quickly, so the two were in a time crunch to get photos taken and released. When the doctors gave Kelsey’s mom a limited amount of time, they planned the wedding in under a month in the hopes that her mother would be able to attend. Sadly, Kelsey’s mom passed away during the first week that we were hoping to shoot. I cannot imagine the struggle of losing a loved one to a terrible disease and the amount of stress and sadness for everyone involved. Kelsey and Carlos have a 7 year old daughter also and I can attest that this little family is tough. My heartfelt condolences go out to this pair and I hope that they will be able to find some joy and happiness in their wedding celebrations despite their loss. I am pleased that the photos we created still show a lot of their personalities despite the hardship. We used 1 location for this photo story, but there are 3 sets of images, each with a different feel. I hope it was a welcome distraction from the reality of the situation for them to be able to have a fun afternoon shooting at this peaceful location.




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