Rates & Policy for Large Groups and Events

Clarification on how I price and schedule bookings for large groups (over 8 people) and small events/parties:  All my sessions are the same rate per hour, groups and events are no different.

For large family photo sessions or team photos for a sports group, prom etc. I will shoot indoors or outdoors depending on what is appropriate for the group. Generally my one hour minimum still applies because in addition to taking a bunch of photographs of the whole group, I like to get smaller group shots too. For example, in a large family with several different groups or generations (cousins, aunts, grandparents) I can take some of each family, and some of just the kids, or I can take some generational type images. It is OK if people come at different times to suit their schedules for this type of shoot also- as long as everyone at least overlaps long enough to get images all together.  I do not usually do proof review for these types of sessions because there are too many people who would have to coordinate their schedules. I will return all the images, fully retouched that are good. Each additional copy of the USB drive that is released from the session is a $15 charge.

For small events and parties, I can stay for as long as is desired, taking photos at the venue. I spend the whole time working and moving around. I try to be pretty inconspicuous and not interfere with the festivities at all. At some point, if desired, we can pause and all take photos of the guests to assure that everyone gets to be in the images. Please don’t invite me to a party to attend if you also want me to work =) I cannot do both and in order to get great images of the event, I need to be focusing and concentrating on my camera. I do not need to stay an entire event if desired, I can come for as little as 1 hour to just get shots of all the guests and decorations in most instances. Each event is unique, however, and in our consultation, we can decide the best method for your budget and the type of event. As with large groups, I don’t do proof reviews for events. All the images that are good are released and the same $15 fee applies if any extra copies of the USB drive are needed. Please remember that I am not available to photograph weddings. ❤

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