Spring Has Sprung in California

I was dying to take my new equipment for a test run, so today I packed up my son & we headed out on a hike. He has been sick this week so I ended up carrying him on my back for most of the trek.  Both of us were happy to get out in the mild spring weather. I didn’t get any really outstanding shots, but I am so excited with my new gear!! I took the new D7100 out and one of my new lenses: a VR 55-300mm. I am impressed with the difference in auto focusing and clarity through the viewfinder compared with my 9 year old professional camera. I am excited to start using the new one for sessions and other work! All the wildflowers are blooming now and especially the California poppy. I would love to shoot a session before they are gone for the year in a poppy field. Now I have filed away several locations that would work for what I have envisioned =)

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