Enchanted Valley

Over 50 years ago, my husband’s grandparents purchased a large plot of land with several other couples located high in the coastal Santa Cruz Mountains. The land is deep in the majestic redwoods and spotted with secret meadows & clearings. A river runs through the bottom of the valley, perfect for swimming and exploring. The coastal fog often rolls in overnight all year round and creates a welcome respite from the hot valley air below. Over the years, the property has been parceled- although it remains cooperative. Now, many part-time residences exist in this magical place but it is still never crowded. We are frequent visitors throughout the year. This year we opted to spend our 4th of July weekend away from the crowds and had a wonderful time chasing the wild bunnies, deer, bobcats and many birds that are full time residents. I caught some photos of the critters and scenery we enjoy and love so much.

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