Santa Saturday Preschool Fundraiser



This year I volunteered to take photos at our preschool’s holiday fundraiser and had fun with all the kids & families snapping images with Santa & some event photos too! Several other moms who also do photography & I shared the job of taking photos with Santa but we decided to use my camera, equipment & website for fast processing. I used both of my cameras: one in the Santa room the whole time on a tripod & the other roaming the event. The whole event is put together by volunteers who donate their time so the ‘Santa room’ was built with presents, backdrop & chair, and the volunteer Santa was already all set up for us: all I had to do was set up my equipment!

The lighting was extremely challenging for these images with Santa as we were actually shooting inside of a large closet! I generally am an outdoor, on-location photographer so this was a bit new for me. There was no natural light in the room and no windows nearby. I used my two shoot-through umbrella lights with ‘daylight’ bulbs to create a softer light & turned off the overhead fluorescent lighting. I then set up my speedlight pointing up to bounce light off of the ceiling with the small top reflector helping to direct the light. I used the light at -2 stops. I was pleased with the final result! The images are clear, bright & the lighting is not overly harsh. Because of the small space, I used a smaller lens that allowed for close quarters. I love learning new things & this experience definitely gave me some confidence using creative lighting indoors in the future.

I won’t be sharing any of the families’ images here to protect their privacy, but images are already posted on my private website & an email invitation was sent out to the preschool group as well as anyone who wrote down their email to be included. The photos in this post are all event photos I personally took. Happy Holidays!


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