And Then There Were 4!

Well, this post is a personal one & I have some big news to share! We are expecting another little one to join our family this fall ❤ We are over-the-moon excited & my oldest is slowly coming around to the idea of being a big brother.

I decided I will be sharing some of my photo announcements and other photo stories of this pregnancy along the way on my blog. For my ‘big announcement’ my son & I made fun signs to hold & I told him we were going to have a ‘big boy photo session’ like mommy does at work. I was hoping to get some of our son & dog both, as they have grown up together & are inseparable. BUT, getting a 3-year old to cooperate/concentrate for a few minutes of photos is hard enough, let alone a 3-year old toddler AND a 3-year old puppy… We got a couple of decent ones but definitely not up to my usual LOL. The lighting was tough (dark & stormy) when we decided to shoot but I am happy with how the photos turned out any way ❤

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