Gender Reveal: It’s A BOY!

Most expectant moms get to find out the gender of their little bundle between 18-20 weeks of pregnancy if they choose, but this time the hospital scheduled my appointment at about 20.5 weeks! We waited impatiently for the big day and finally, the day arrived and brought us the joyful news that we are expecting a second baby boy to bless our family this fall! We are very excited, as is my older son, who gets a little brother. Looks like it’s going to be a house full of noise, dirt, trucks, bikes and nonstop activity for me!

I have actually been turning down photography appointments from clients lately as I have been busy trying to keep on track with my training and nutrition program this pregnancy and I am finding it both taxing and time consuming. So far I have gained a total of 6 lbs. and our baby is measuring a healthy (if not slightly big) 13 oz. at 21 weeks. I gained a lot of extra weight during my first pregnancy despite working hard at the gym and exercising regularly throughout and I am determined to stay healthier this time. This pregnancy I am carefully tracking my nutrition: calorie intake, macros and nutrient/vitamin intake, as well as working out 4-6 days per week. I am researching often to stay on track with a weight lifting and cardio program that will be beneficial for both baby and I.

For this series of photos, I convinced my husband to take the pictures and I did the edits. My husband is actually a pretty talented photographer with a great eye, but he doesn’t usually go along with my ideas for cute photo ops, so I was really happy and surprised he played along to help me with our gender reveal!


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