Newborn Photos

This will probably be my last personal post for awhile as I have started booking regular clients again through the end of the year. I will be sharing my client sessions and photo art I create as normal on my site.

I have enjoyed making photo-memories of my pregnancy journey this time around & sharing them! Baby Colton is 3 weeks old now & these photos were taken when he was 1 week old. Like my first son, Maddox; Colton was born late & so he was super alert with bright, well-focused eyes from the get-go. He sort of came out & stared at my husband & I like, ‘well, I am here, what now?’ He is awake for long periods of time & already weighs 11 lbs. I had ambitions to take more different types of photos, but somehow being a new mommy again with my oldest just turning 4 has kept me pretty busy…

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