A Mickey Mouse Halloween!

I have taken a lot of photos of this adorable little guy, as well as his mom’s maternity photos, and am so happy that this family continues to choose me to create their memories! Drayke is 1 year old now & loves Mickey Mouse, so naturally he wanted to be Mickey for Halloween this year. I thought it was a great idea that his mom had me capture these memories because then she won’t have to worry about getting good ones of him in his costume or at the pumpkin patch & she can just focus on the day instead of being distracted by trying to get photos. Speaking of trying to get photos, chasing a 1 year old around the pumpkin patch with a camera is just as tricky as it sounds LOL. We managed to get quite a few great images despite the busy little blur of activity. Drayke is pretty used to having me chase him around by now & he is wonderfully candid as well as happily saying ‘cheese’ and smiling at the camera.

I have taken many photos at pumpkin patches of my own kids, however after shooting a photo session at this one, I realize that in the future I will do things slightly differently. The pumpkin patch is a great location for this time of year and for any Halloween-themed sessions & I will definitely do it again. Unfortunately in California, we don’t have green grassy pumpkin farms, or wooded backdrops: our patches are usually covered in straw to keep them from getting muddy. On a bright sunny late morning, the white sea of straw was even more reflective than the sand at the beach at midday! I will try to schedule future sessions either during the golden hour or on a cloudy day at this location. I used my speedlight and fill flash but this was still one of the most challenging shooting scenarios I have ever been in! I am very happy with the images we did get and the quality I was able to produce regardless & I am always up for a challenge!

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