Kiehl-Stell Family

This family wanted holiday portraits taken with her parents and the girls’ cousin. She is also expecting a baby in early 2017 but they haven’t told anyone the gender yet!! I took shots of each of the girls, different group shots and some maternity photos of just the couple for them. This session was only an hour but we covered a lot of ground! The girls had a wardrobe change also. I chose another new location I found for this one & the background turned out beautifully. They got lucky with the weather this day & scored some morning sunshine.

I also should mention that she loved one photo of everyone except for her daughter had about had it with picture time & was making a not-so-pleasant face. I tried my first ever face-swap in Photoshop & I think it turned out decently. I did not have the same photo with her with a good face in any of those shots so I had to ‘borrow’ a nice face from a differently lit photo =) While it probably won’t be the best image to blow up and print on a canvas, hopefully it will at least do for the holidays!

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