Santa Saturday Event 2016

‘Santa Saturday’ is a fundraising event for my son’s preschool where I have taken photos for the past 2 years. I take photos of all the families and children on Santa’s lap & also some event photos. This year I had a little bit better idea of what to expect for this large event & so I came up with a slightly better organizing system to deliver the images to families. I also set up a table at the front of the ‘Santa Room’ with all the forms and a box of props I brought. I brought some funny hats, a chalkboard, lights, and ‘The Night Before Christmas’ for Santa to read to the children. Families could choose different props and poses if they purchased multiple photos. This year I also built the room & hung all the backdrops, wrapped the chair etc… I brought along some items from home to make it cozier.

As I discussed last year, this room is built inside of a utility closet. There are no windows and horrible overhead fluorescent lighting. I used my umbrella lights & set up my camera on the tripod. I have to turn off the overhead lighting because it’s too harsh and so I bounce my speedlight off of the ceiling to try to light up the space without over-illuminating eyes/glasses. Even with my studio lighting, I had to shoot at an ISO of 1600 and a shutter speed of 1/60. Because of the high number of photos for this event I did not shoot in RAW, just .jpegs. I ended up with around 250 images and I post-processing 138 of them. The images were pretty good SOOC but I corrected color, slightly corrected noise etc. for each of them. The camera actually did pretty well even at that high ISO. Overall pretty much all of the families got cute memories to keep and I was very happy with the results. I do not post too many photos since these families are not my direct clients and I wish to protect their privacy. I am sharing a couple of just my own sons with Santa that I took, one SOOC shot of the room and several photos from the decorations inside his classroom.


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