A Steampunk Toddler Christmas

My client’s idea was totally original & unique making this shoot a complete one of a kind! She wanted both Christmas & non-holiday photos of Drayke & so I opted to do this session at a tree farm. I love the way the background is neutral & the rows of trees give the images good depth.

Drayke will be 2 years old in a couple of months & he was a total superstar for this session, he sat & smiled and played through the whole time. His grandmother made the entire outfit from scratch for him & they found the hat, goggles & toy gun online. I made the ‘merry’ sign & the little steampunk tree & I brought a bunch of the holiday props. She designed the ‘D’ and brought along some other cool items she found. I loved designing and brainstorming with her to build this session since it was such a different idea! I also did the edits to reflect the theme, slightly subdued color and darker which I thought really brought out the incredible details in the outfit & the props.


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