Easter Bunnies and Friends

This fun session featured a mobile petting zoo of cute little critters, including two bunnies, a baby goat, a duck & a guinea pig! We staged an adorable set using spring props to create perfect Easter photos! I wish I had some footage of me trying to wrangle all the animals into the shot with the toddler LOL! The bunnies couldn’t be out of their kennels at the same time because, well, one was a boy and one was a girl bunny so we took turns….At one point, Puddles the duck decided to climb up my leg while I was squishing myself into a corner and tried to eat my speedlight, haha. We were in pretty cramped quarters as the animals need to remain in their pen for safety so I had to do some fancy maneuvering. For future sessions, these sweet animals are available if anyone has any ideas or wants to design a custom shoot around them! They are all very used to kids & the little ones have a blast playing with all of them.

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