Classy, Gorgeous Maternity

These tasteful boudoir photos turned out stunning! This beautiful model is one of my regular clients & wanted something special to remember her pregnancy, so we chose a private outdoor location & fun outfits. The outdoor lighting is soft & I have been exploring using no flash photography more & more lately. Sometimes the flash off my speedlight can be too harsh if it’s not set just right & I am liking the softer feel of the photos done with natural light. I am only posting a couple of these that she has already shared because of the nature of the session but I loved all of them!

I’ll add; I am currently teaching myself how to render objects in Photoshop. I posed my model with the magical dress in mind & rendered flowing fabric to make an angelic fantasy portrait. Thank you to my client for letting me experiment a little for this image! I will keep learning & evolving but I think it turned out pretty nicely!


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