Charlize + Nicholas Unicorn

This month’s pony photo sessions were all about unicorns!! For this shoot, my client found this awesome chair for super cheap at a thrift shop & I nabbed it from her for future photo prop use which is perfect!! I think I’ll definitely have uses for it.

I am getting more and more comfortable shooting the pony with the children & learning the different angles etc. The pony is a lot larger scale than the kids generally which is just something to keep in mind while shooting. The normal distance & aperture for portrait photography does not always apply for these special sessions as the pony has to fit in the shot too. My editing style is very different for these sessions also than my normal style, adding whimsy & fantasy to keep with the theme. This month, the sessions all had babies who were only 2 years old, which is my minimum age for these sessions. It is an added challenge to get everyone looking at the camera, hopefully smiling & holding relatively still the more variables you add into the equation LOL. THEN add that these two are siblings and well…see below.


The reality hahaha. A classic!

I have booked sessions with the pony out through September of this year already & I’ve started a waitlist for clients also. I am so happy that these sessions are so popular!! I love them & can’t wait to keep learning & developing my editing. If you follow some of my other social media, I’ve recently published several video clips about shooting with the pony & also about my brand new look on this site =)



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