Practicing Bokeh…

Spring has started to sweep the hills in California & I have been toting my camera along with my husband on walks to help his recovery. Between his limp from his injured leg and foot & my frequent distraction and halting to photograph random findings, we are pretty similarly matched in pace LOL. While my husband slowly heals, we gradually are adjusting to life as the accident has left it; growing through the process.

Anyway, today we took our boys along and got out as early as I could manage to get the 3 of them plus myself out the door (this is an acquired skill) this morning for a walk since it was too beautiful of a day to be cooped up inside. I have been practicing capturing good bokeh strait of the camera, with my subject in sharp focus and my background nicely blurred. Much easier on stationary things, but I think I’ve improved on moving things as well. My go-to lens when I am trying to capture wildlife or birds is my Nikkor 55-300mm zoom with VR as it is one of my more accurate lenses for further distance. (NOTE: this lens is NOT the kit lens, I invested in the nicer AF-S VR 1:4.5-5.6 which I think makes a big difference in clarity and focus on the fly.)  Here are some from today:


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