About Me & What to Expect

I have been photographing people and places for over 15 years and along the way I have established a method for preparing, shooting and following up each of my sessions. Something that sets my work apart from many portrait photographers is that I produce and give so many full-sized images back to my clients. I love it when people get so many good shots that they ‘can’t choose’ which is their favorite. As a freelancer, I am always trying to better my art & learn from the pros.

I do not offer ‘package deals’ and I charge by the hour of time spent on the day of the shoot, including travel time, makeup & wardrobe changes and on-location shooting time. I have designed my hourly rate to be the most flexible for my clients needs and budget. By charging by the hour, we can choose how long we will need & fit the session to each person.  Some types of sessions such as small events or baby photography, may be less time and some sessions may require more time to achieve the vision. Often, my clients are rewarded with a lot of proofs to review and they may keep as many as they like. A client will end up with a substantial number of digital images, all fully retouched and of beautiful quality. I let each client review their whole session and choose the images they like the best if they want to. I have always felt that if it were myself & I was paying money to have my photos taken, I would want to see them all & keep them all. These are your photos of your important day or time in your life and I want you to get stunning, highly personalized, images to help you create a lasting memory.

My sessions are each special to me and to my client, we usually have a ton of fun. Most of the people I meet end up loving the whole process and really get into creating their day with me. I am very passionate about my work and it is highly creative and artistic for me. I am very grateful for all of the people who have supported me and convinced me to build this pursuit. I think I have managed to come up with a way to share my passion and still give people beautiful, personalized work without losing too much of my artistic style and vision. I hope to bring meaningful images that capture souls and create lasting memories for those who chose to have this experience with me.


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