After The Session

After the ‘big day,’ I upload all of the files directly onto my computer and create a gallery on my client site with your images straight off the camera. Usually, my clients and I are really excited to see some of the images so I will go through them and choose a few of my favorites to retouch and publish a few. The posts I publish are just a preview of the final images and the quality is not the best (as it generally is on all social media sites) but at least you can get a glimpse of what some of the images will look like! If you wish, I can tag you in your photos for friends and family to see. Copyright laws apply to all images I post, however feel free to share or use them on your personal page as long as you credit me and/or leave the link to one of my pages.

  • Reviewing Your Proofs

As soon as the next day, a client can review their proofs. My site sends an email letting you know your proofs are ready to be viewed. This email contains your personal password so don’t lose it! The images are directly off my camera, no editing or retouching. After all the image files are selected by creating a ‘favorites list’ on the website, I get to work post-processing. Your proofs will be removed from the site after the review is complete. Proof copies are not released to clients. There is not further cost after the day of the shoot for my time. I always aim to get great shots right off the camera and my editing style is very natural; I try to enhance what I have already created. Depending on how many files are chosen and the length of the session, the editing process usually takes me 3 days to a week.

All the files you choose will be fully retouched, large sized .JPEG files. They are delivered via my client site & you will receive another email letting you know I have completed them.

I have a backup hard drive and all sessions are fully preserved and backed up in case anything ever happens or you need any files at any point in the future in a different size or format. Lastly, some session highlights that are released to you are published on my blog where the image quality is much better than social media sites. These blog posts are share-able.


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