During The Session

While on-location, we will be walking around a lot and possibly changing outfits in less-than-ideal circumstances for many types of sessions. Depending on the size of the location or venue &/or the number of locations chosen you may be surprised at the amount of moving around we have to do to get good spots. I always tell clients to bring comfortable shoes for walking in addition to the shoes you plan on being photographed in. If we will be shooting in a home, studio, or other smaller location, this is not such a big issue.

I give a lot of direction (more or less if needed,) so no need to stress about looking awkward or not knowing where to be/how to pose. I am always aiming to get subjects to relax and be themselves for more authentic photos. I take a huge variety of shots, lots of angles, some with props, some posed and some candid shots. This way clients are sure to get several types of images.  Very uncomfortable clothing or shoes are not recommended. It is a good idea to bring water and snacks to your session since we may be out for several hours. Clients are usually surprised at how quickly the time goes by during a shoot.

  • Adjusting to Client Needs

Each session is tailored to the subjects and I am extremely flexible depending on the capabilities and needs of my clients. I am comfortable working with pregnancy, persons with disabilities, large groups, small children, pets etc. The amount of mobility on location or the time we can spend may be affected by these factors and it is no big deal! We can get great shots no matter what.

  • Weather

Weather is definitely always a factor. Usually, I watch the weather reports in the days leading up to a session to make sure it will be good for photographing. I can make pretty much anything but pouring rain work for your session (unless, of course, you want some neat rain shots.) Overcast or partly cloudy days actually can give a great ambient white light. Harsh, direct sunlight can be tough and cast shadow, but I can make it work. If you are dead-set on a sunny day or certain weather for your shoot, we can reschedule if needed to get the perfect day. Remember to bring water for yourself if it is going to be hot, and an extra layer to throw on between photos if it is cold.

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