Q: What are proofs?

  • A: Proof copies of images are the original images off the camera, as shot & before any post-processing happens. Most photographers spend 3-6 hours editing images for every hour of shooting time. Proof images are the property of the photographer & not for release or copy. Clients may not keep the proofs & they are removed from the site once the final images are released.

Q: How do proof reviews work?

  • A: I now have a website where clients can view their proofs online & select the images they would like me to edit & release. These proof galleries are password protected so only the client may access their images. Clients can select their favorites to keep but downloading or sharing is not allowed & not shown as an option on these images. When the client has finished selecting favorites, the proof album is removed from the site. Proofs are viewed with a large watermark because they are not for release. Proofs are the property of the photographer. Once the gallery is removed, proofs are not available any longer.

Q: Do I have to look at my proofs & choose the images I want to keep?

  • A: No proof reviews are optional. The number of images from your session to go through depends on the length of time we were shooting.

Q: Why can’t I review proofs for an event or large group session?

  • A: In general, the more people involved, the less shots you are going to get. I usually have a lot more images to edit & release for events than for a regular session so I get to work editing ASAP & all images that are good are released. For large groups, the odds of the number of images with everyone looking at the camera & smiling with their eyes open is usually much lower: All images that are good are released to large groups as well.

Q: Should I get my hair and makeup professionally done?

  • A: I would recommend it if you are not sure how to play up makeup so it looks good in photographs or how to do your hair to reflect the feel you want. Keep in mind, how your hair and makeup looks will be preserved in the images! Some clients prefer to do their own; basically it is whatever you are comfortable with.

Q: Do I need to make any props or bring anything to the session?

  • A: If you would like to make some of your own props, I love it when clients are so excited that they get creative. I can also make them for you if you are not artistically inclined or you don’t have time. I usually send images of ideas and inspiration in the weeks prior to make sure I am on track with your vision. I usually will have clients bring some things with them that will make the shoot special: an ultrasound picture, a first gift from a fiance, something personal from the home or from an important place. Bring water and snacks the day of your session as well as extra clothes.

Q: How do I receive my images?

  • A: After I have finished post-processing, you will receive an email notification that your gallery has been posted on my client site. The final images on the site are available for download & sharing.

Q: What is the quality & format of the images I can download?

  • A: The images are .JPEG files & are downloadable in their original size and resolution. Because I shoot in RAW & convert to .jpeg files this means that each file is the most premium resolution and quality possible for enlargements, cropping and printing. It also means that the files take up quite a bit of space on your computer. I would recommend transferring files to a usb drive or other storage device if you are concerned about the space they will use.

Q: I tried to get a print made & it turned out blurry or the colors look off?

  • A: Please check out my ‘links’ tab on this page for some helpful tips to getting good prints. The computer images do not always transfer as intended if the printing service handles the files wrong or is not high quality.

Q: I lost an image file & I would like it replaced?

  • A: I leave the final galleries posted online for a year after your session usually until they are archived. You can revisit your gallery & re-download images at any time. If it has been too long & you no longer see your gallery there, please contact me & I can send you another copy.

Q: I lost my online password to access my gallery or I would like a new one?

  • A: Please contact me if you need a new password or you lost yours.

Q: Can you do commission projects?

  • A: I love commission work! Please inquire if you think I would be a good fit & we can build a session around your idea. I have done classic car art for an owner who wanted images of his prized car, pet portraits, customized website imaging, advertising photos and much more like this!

Q: Do you do wedding photography?

  • A: Sorry, but no. I am just not that interested in it and also, I do think a photographer or agency should be hired who specializes in weddings to assure that the desired images are achieved. I encourage anyone who is shopping for a wedding photographer to make sure the person they are hiring is very experienced in this field of photography.

Q: I really want my photos at a particular venue but this place needs to be reserved ahead. Can you photograph there?

  • A: Usually, yes! I will need the details of the location and we will have to make sure that the place in available within the time frame needed. Often, these types of locations require a photography permit, or day usage fee. The client is responsible for paying any added expenses associated with a desired location. This also applies for hotel room reservations (for boudoir sessions.)

Q: Are you available to shoot for charity?

  • A: Yes. I do a lot of charity work and am an avid supporter of many types of charities and non-profits. Please inquire to see if I would be a good fit for the project that you have in mind.

Q: Is it cheaper if I just want a few images from my session?

  • A: No, because I am a freelancer and not a professional, my business doesn’t work like that. I do not give a set number of images but in general, expect 40 proofs per hour with probably 25 you end up wanting to keep. Most sessions are the same rate and the number of images released varies depending on the number of subjects and time paid for. The more hours, the more proofs you receive I do occasionally offer specials which are at a discounted rate. Look out for flyer posted on my facebook or blog posts.

Q: Can I purchase the photos I see on your Facebook page or on this blog?

  • A: Yes! Most of my images are available for purchase in any custom size you need. You can purchase an unframed print or a digital file. It is less expensive to buy the digital file. The prints are professionally done and packaged and can be mailed to you. (Within the United States.) Shipping and printing charges are added to the image cost.

Q: Do you do boudoir sessions?

  • A: Yes! I do boudoir and nude shoots. I do not usually publish these on my blog or page due to the nature of the material and to protect my clients’ privacy.

Q: How do I pay you?

  • A: I accept cash or check. Payment is due in full the day of the session. Because of my pricing method, my sessions are customizable for a variety of budgets, and budget can definitely be taken into consideration when we are building it.

Q: What types of equipment do you use?

  • A: I have two Nikon professional cameras and many lenses. I also have several lighting assistance props, a tripod and a whole room full of props! I usually travel light for on-location shoots since we move around so much though. Expect to feel like a model on the big day =)

Q: Can I bring my pet to my session?

  • A: Yes. I am comfortable shooting with all types of animals. We will need to discuss this ahead of time to make sure everyone is safe and pets are secure.

Q: Can you do a session with someone who is in a wheelchair or has a disability?

  • A: Yes! I am comfortable tailoring each session around people’s needs. I can take photographs of people with their wheelchair or other assistive device, or I can help you leave them out of photos if desired.  I am also comfortable shooting persons with developmental or other types of disability. I have worked with children and people with disabilities for 12 years. I have experience taking photos of people with injuries, Cerebral Palsy and more.

Q: Do you have a degree in Photography?

  • A: No. I am a self-taught artist. I have been learning as a photographer for over 15 years and plan on continuing to grow and develop my abilities.

Q: Can you travel?

  • A: It depends. I require that all expenses are paid for my trip to the location needed, and I will need to arrange care for my boys.

Q: I saw my friend’s photos and they were gorgeous! Can you do the same thing for me?

  • A: Each session is unique to each person. I do not duplicate exact locations, prop usage or sets. I do not like to compromise the personal nature I want to achieve for each client. I can help you develop something similar, but more suited to yourself.